Country: United States
Location: Mount Laurel, NJ
Access: In Person, Virtually
Specialties: Anxiety and Depression, Autoimmune Health, Digestion/GI Health, Food Intolerances, Weight Loss
Certified Through: 2022-03-31

Christina MarinoFMHC, HHC

AFMC Certified Practitioner

My Health Coaching practice has a main focus on weight loss. Using Functional Medicine approach, I have taken a deeper dive to help clients get to the root cause of digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, and autoimmune conditions. I focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

AFMC Certified Practitioners Are Highly Qualified

Each practitioner showcased in this database has completed 620+ hours (approximately 2 years) of advanced, comprehensive training in functional etiology, physiology, and biochemistry in addition to their other health care credentials and has demonstrated hands-on experience using their knowledge in credible, case practice.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Functional medicine case mapping to connect a patient’s history, symptoms, nutrition, lab work, and lifestyle
  • An in-depth understanding of causal factors behind today’s most prevalent chronic diseases and imbalances
  • The impact food sensitivities and nutrition play in health and healing
  • Creation of individual healing strategies based on the patient’s unique needs, goals, and genetic makeup
  • Coaching clients on how to implement lifestyle changes for successful root cause resolution of disease and long-term maintenance
  • The Mind-Body connection
  • Targeted use of supplements to speed healing and maintain health
  • Empowering patients through education
  • Lab work analysis through the functional medicine lens (application varies by practice)
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