A New Standard of Care

The School of Applied Functional Medicine™ (SAFM) was established in 2011 by founder Tracy Harrison, MS to transform health care and outcomes by empowering practitioners with advanced knowledge and practical skills in functional medicine.

Chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions and is crippling the global population and its health care systems. Dedicated practitioners provide the best solutions they can within today’s conventional standard of care, a standard which largely aims to alleviate symptoms and treat disease vs. preventing or reversing disease once it is present.

Lifestyle- and environment-mediated disease, however, requires a new standard of care if the patient is to get well and stay well long-term. This new standard requires the integration of allopathic medicine to assess and, when appropriate, alleviate immediate symptoms, with evidence-based care through the functional medicine lens to address the root causes and provide sustainable short-term and long-term relief from these debilitating conditions.

About SAFM

SAFM teaches licensed and certified practitioners the evidence-based etiologies of today’s chronic lifestyle-driven diseases. This includes instruction on proven-effective support remedies and tools that address symptoms while targeting the root causes of chronic disease in the unique individual.

Through a patient-focused, scientific approach, SAFM combines functional medicine knowledge and hands-on application with the power of effective coaching for sustainable lifestyle change. This powerful combination can be implemented by all types of healthcare professionals and from a variety of business/clinical models.

We believe this combination is key to offering functional medicine in a way that is both effective and affordable for today’s patient and fulfilling for today’s practitioner.
We believe this is the future of medicine.

SAFM’s ACCME-accredited program and global community attracts a variety of experienced practitioners including physicians, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, health coaches, nutritionists, dieticians, and more. Practitioners must hold a medical license or other healthcare accreditation (as appropriate for their modality) and be, currently, engaged in professional practice in order to participate in SAFM program.

The program content for the AFMC certification is third-party reviewed and approved by a scientific advisory board. Board members are well-known in their respective medical communities for both their intellectual expertise and successful, progressive practices.

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